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Your thesis or final year project will become your presentation letter. It could mean the difference between getting the job you want, getting the scholarship you need or being accepted in the master or PhD you desire. 

Most of the people struggle during this phase of live. It is common to feel lost and not having enough support. In any case, you should not risk a poor result because it could be very costly for you future. 

With 12 years developing as professor and expert in design and research methodology, I have tutored more than 50 undergraduate and postgraduate thesis and final year projects in three different continents. Now, I am available to help you in this decisive process of you live.

Are you worried about your incoming thesis? Are you struggling in the middle of the process? Do you hear your friends traumatize for their final year project? Do not take the risk. You do not have to do this alone. Lets team up to build the trampoline towards the future you are looking for.  

What are you going to get from this relation? Each case is different. We could arrange a unique conversation to put all the contents in order, stablish the objectives and the schedule of activities, or we could schedule a series of meeting and revisions to follow your development during the whole process. Send me a message explaining with your situation and I will let you know my opinion.

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