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As a professor, I have taught qualitative and quantitative methods in research methodology, design and representation courses, and a wide array of architecture and urban studios. In all cases, I have guide from beginner’s courses for new students, to advanced programs for  postgraduate participants, both in traditional classrooms and online courses. Additionally, the dynamism of my teaching experience has been fueled by the diversity that has characterized the people I have had the opportunity to interact with.

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The city periphery potential: A balcony to Macarao

The intervention in the southwestern periphery of Caracas requires a study that considers a great variety of factors like infrastructure, different scales, and social classes. In this case, the proposal focuses on socioeconomic and environmental conditions to formulate criteria that strengthen the commuter town of Macarao. As the key piece of the proposal, an educational building is developed to fulfill the role of a landmark within the whole and gather the community.